believe in the music
trust in the fan

BitB is a revolution in the music industry...


Music ignites our passion for life...

It doesn’t matter what language you speak...

A man from Brazil and a woman from America could love the same song being played in the background and instantly be connected.

Everyone listens to music and it impacts our lives in a vast variety of ways. You listen to music to drive, dance, fix a breakup, study or work easier, even clean the house ...the reasons are limitless. 

Music itself is a healthiest drug we could be addicted to.

Music improves our lives

It's been proven playing music increases neural processing.  Music has the capability to bring back lost memories.   Music organically shifts our thoughts, emotions, and energy. Music can heal you, music connects people and  music can help you discover yourself. 

Be inspired by everything

Expand your world, everyday. This beautiful planet is a gift beyond gifts, music connects us all, no matter the distance. Boost your brain power, make a friend, fall in love, unite the world...and just listen. Music has no color, it's beauty is in the beholder, it knows no borders, life can only get better... Just play it.



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